Women Should Lift Weights Too!

Women Should Lift Weights Too!


Have you ever wondered about how many calories you burn lifting weights? It takes a great deal of energy to strength train like this, specifically when you’re pushing your body above and beyond its normal abilities. However, there are too many assumptions related to the expenditure of calories when you’re lifting weights, which can lead to problems with regard to fat loss–specifically for women.

Anaerobic activity, like lifting weights provides some great benefits, not only for the hope of fat loss, but for toning the body and building muscle as you do burn fat. Most people are beginning to realize that anaerobic activity simply has to be a part of a healthy weight loss plan if one is going to reach long-term goals.

You can believe this: “Strength training can burn fat in ways other exercise simply can not.” It’s a fact. You gain longer benefits following lifting weights than you do just walking or running on the treadmill. The benefits of lifting weights goes on for hours after a workout, even if this is only a 30 minute session.what-are-some-weight-lifting-tips-for-women-1688620130-dec-3-2012-1-600x800

So, how many calories do you burn lifting weight?

We want you to realize that while you need a calorie deficit, this isn’t all about your calories–there is much more. How many calories you burn depends upon your own individual weight, the intensity you’re putting in and where your body stands in general. Everyone is different! Remember, muscle helps boost your metabolism, but running on the treadmill doesn’t do this. In other words, muscle provides continuing fat burn capabilities. This is why it is so important. That, and it simply makes you look leaner and healthier!

Some experts will tell you that the calories burned is dependent more on your weight. Most see a 185 pound person burning about 240 calories for an hour workout, but if they really push out their routine in 30 to 45 minutes, they might burn more than what that hour projects, so it varies. We can’t stress this enough. There simply is no way to be 100% certain exactly how many calories one individual is going to burn lifting weights.

Now, here is something for you to digest. The more muscles you have to put into play for lifting weights, the more calories you’re going to expend and the more health benefits you’re going to acquire. Body weight exercise like squats, lunges, pull-ups and push ups (possibly even bench dips and deadlifts) provide the more serious calorie burn. Lunges in and of themselves can burn a hefty amount of calories, especially if these are long lunges with weights.

Remember to bring in variation to your exercises in hopes of burning even more calories! Now, you don’t want your strength training session to turn into a cardio session, but do focus on the muscle burn to hit fat loss! Don’t waste time and stay focused to get the most from your workout.

Common sense, right? Ultimately, it is always going to depend on you as to how much weight you lose, how much muscle you build and how hefty an impact you have on your body.  Include aerobic activity with anerobic activity and you’ll always have a winning mix!

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