Alcoholic Neuropathy And Its Physiotherapy Management

Alcoholic Neuropathy And Its Physiotherapy Management

Alcoholic neuropathy  is a neurological manifestation seen in the deficiency of vitamin B12 ,it is also called as beriberi.It can affect your whole body organ mainly heart and peripheral nerves.

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In 1928,Dr. shattuck  found the relationship between Alcoholism and neurological manifestation ,due to deficiency of Vitamin B12.

Signs and Symptoms:-

  • Pain and Dyesthesia:- Sometime patient feel burning feet and extreme cold sensation in feet or leg,which is called as dyesthesia.patient feel pain and burning feet syndrome ,when the alcoholic neuropathy affect the peripheral nerve system.
  • Hyperpathia:- It is defined as a neuropathic disease in which the patient feel extreme sensation in body,due to increased sensitivity,Patient feels pain even in a normal or mild touch.
  • Tenderness or weakness :- Some patient may feel weakness of muscles ,Or due to weakness or muscle imbalance we found muscle contractures and deformity.Tenderness in calf muscles is also seen in some patients.
  • Reflexes :- Due to involvement of sensory and motor fibers ,we found absent or depressed reflexes in patients.
  • Respiratory complication.


Physiotherapy for Alcoholic Neuropathy:-

  • Chest physiotherapy:-In the initial stage of alcoholic neuropathy  we found some serious complication in respiratory tract.Physiotherapist can apply chest physiotherapy and other techniques like breathing exercise,postural drainage,external tracheal stimulation to maintain clear airways and to prevent respiratory complication.
  • Maintenance of Range of motion of all joint:- We can apply slow gradual stretching or passive exercises to patient in the case of muscle contractures and deformity.At lest 2 times a day we need to give stretching to patient to prevent muscle tightness or contractures.
  • Pain relief :- Patient with alcoholic neuropathy in the acute stage suffer from pain and paresthesia,To give patient relief from these condition we can use TENS ( Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

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  • Strengthening :- In the late stage of alcoholic neuropathy ,some time patient is not able to generate contraction of muscle then we can apply IG stimulation for muscle strength,when patient is able to do some little movement ( Grade 1),then we can replace with Faradic stimulation.Once the patient reaches grade 3 the we can start resisted exercise by pulleys,weight,spring or hydrotherapy.

Physiotherapy for alcoholic neuropathy

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