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Living through the hustle of Lagos, Nigeria can be very difficult, it is hard enough to get by with our daily run arounds, Staying faithful to our health regimen and physiotherapy appointments is just an herculean task. But then, no one likes pain.

At physiooncall, we understand your need to balance your busy schedule and good health. We also know how very hectic it is to keep physiotherapy appointments to get the full benefit of the treatment. If you or a loved one should have a physiotherapy appointment for Monday afternoon by 2:00pm, it might be difficult to keep such appointments. That is why Physiooncall is here for you, we bring healthcare to your fingertips, we tailor our treatmebt based on your needs. Whether at work, liesure, hospital or home, we would give you the best international standard physiotherapy care you deserve.

We provide physiotherapy services in the following area:

Geriatric Physiotherapy (elderly patients)

As we grow old, our body systems begin to grow weaker and thus susceptible to various diseases and conditions The elderly population should be given optimal health attention to enable them enjoy their retirement and ‘resting years’ to the fullest. At the geriatric age, different diseases and conditions can be presented with ranging but not limited to;

osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,  osteoporosis, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease/Parkinsonism, Neck/Back pain, Diabetic neuralgia, lumbar spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, cerivical spondylosis etc.

The stress of a medacity like Lagos, would not enable us be their physically to monitor our elderly ones so that is why you should be talking to us. At physiooncall, we would help make sure they get the best form of physiotherapy care without the unnecessary cost of moving around and the headache of keeping uncomfortable appointments.

Paediatric and O/G Physiotherapy (Mother and Baby care)

Our children are the leaders of tomorrow, conditions like;

Cerebral palsy, erb’s palsy, winged scapula, fracture, musculoskeletal spains and strains etc.

Can sometimes be dilapidating for the mother/care giver to maintain. Especially for working mothers, not to worry, we can help ease the stress! We you see and treat your baby at home, daycare or creche to help you ease the process of motherhood. Remember, its physiooncall, you’ll be getting the very best as we would carry you along with the entire treatment regimen. It would be just like you were there yourself!

Also, we assist in conditions like urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, antenatal exercise design etc. All these while working with our trained physiotherapists (females) to helpvyou recover in record time.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Here, we have specially trained physiotherapists, who can help in the treatment as well as rehabilitation of musculoskeletal cases e.g

( ankle sprain, muscle strains, knee pain, low back pain, neck pain, postural pain syndrome, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, hip dysfunction, metatarsal and foot injuries, elbow injuries, crutch walking etc).

We would make sure we integrate our therapy into your schedule to make sure you save as more time as possible and most importantly at your convenience!

Neurological physiotherapy

The nervous system is the most complex and most important system to the body. Dysfunctions of this sysytem can manifest in many foms e.g

stroke, parkinsons, multipke sclerosis, lateral sclerosis, neurosarcodosis, transverse myelitis, klumpke paralysis, sciatica, bell’s/facial palsy etc)

We understand how important it is to get rid of the pain and get to pre-injury status in record time. We would try our best and with God on our side, you would get back in appropriate time.

Call on us today, early intervention is key!

corporate wellness

Corporate Wellness

Companies are welcomed to contact us to take advantage of our incredible services. The working class is normally plagued with the adverse effects of stress and pain at regular intervals. From mild back ache to chronic arthritis, the working class never truly have the time to seek or ample medical care. At Physiooncall, we believe in the advocation  for preventive medicine, we tend to help create suitable bespoke programs to help prevent these conditions

A happy and employee results in a profitable company. Our corporate solutions are designed to suit the ever busy lifestyle of the working class. We bring the service to you, any where you are with 3 steps above the available quality.

In 2011, we conducted a study which revealed that Nigerian companies lose a total of N19b yearly to health bills and lose of working hours due to health concerns. This is due to high cost of healthcare in the country. It was also revealed that 67% of the complaints were majorly preventable musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. This culminates into more serious conditions like stroke, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases of civilization.

This result advocates for a huge revolution in the corporate health sector. At Physiooncall, we look into the total well-being of our clients and patients and we go the extra mile to make the very best available with no stress. 

Our results are unmatched and our clients responses are the pride of our company. We provide a wide range of services to make sure your staff get optimal health during their active years as well as after retirement. Optimal quality of life is our goal! We offer the following service;

  • Health Seminars and Workshop
  • Bespoke corporate wellness program
  • Ergonomic Consultancy
  • Bespoke gym and Clinic setup
  • Display Screen and workstation Evaluation
  • Physiotherapy treatment and rehab
  • Wellness and relaxation
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Group/Personal Fitness Training

Need a personal trainer? Need to keep fit? Want a flat tummy?  Or you just want to shed excess weight. Talk to us, we’ll work with experienced dieticians to help you achieve the trimmed figure of your dreams.

Our clients value the professional, personalized instruction and support we provide.

Many of our clients have a history of paying for a gym membership that they rarely used. Our Personal Training eliminates this issue entirely. You can register alone or as a group to help develop an amiable fitness culture. Group training also helps reduce the costs for the program.

We encourage our clients’ families to participate in some or all of our sessions at no extra charge. We also recognize that childcare can be challenging when going to the gym, but Personal Training alleviates that concern.

Balancing work, family, and social obligations often leaves little time left for taking care of your own needs! In fact, the majority of our clients lead busy lives. Having an appointment to workout and fit exercise into your own schedule is instrumental in ensuring that you do what’s necessary to take care of yourself.

We provide you with effective real-world, creative strategies and tools that work. When most people exercise they either pick an exercise that is too easy offering little to no results or too difficult causing injury and/or burn out. However, when exercise is specially tailored to your fitness level, your adherence to your program is ensured.

The comfort of personal training in your own home increases the likelihood that exercise will become a part of your daily life.

Research shows that if your gym isn’t conveniently located (either to your home or work), you aren’t likely to attend. Now imagine your gym is in your own home, your likelihood of success has tripled!

We can.also help you set up a mini-gym in your house working with the space you have and your bodily requirements. At a very reasonable and unbeatable cost, you can have your very own custom gym and a professional trainer all at your fingertips.

We offer FREE comprehensive full physical fitness assessment on our first visit, then we draft a suitable fitness plan around your needs, status and wants. Call us today or just fill our form and our service agents would get to you in record time!



We offer recreational massage ranging from swedish massage, hot stone massage, shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage etc.

Lagos can be tough, holdup, stressful job, hot sun, electricity etc. All these can be cumulatively harmful to give you high stress levels. We have trained hands to come give you relaxing and ‘de-stressing’ massage at your convenience.

Imagine taking a trip to a spa, before you get back home, the mad traffic and lagos driving could have taken the effect of the pamper away.

hotel plan

Hotel Plans

(For a detailed explanation of our hotel plans please send us a mail at

Hotels are renowned to be home away from.home as they help give serene and tranquil atmosphere to help escape from the planet even.if its for some hours. We can help you better your customer satisfaction by giving your customers top range and unbeatable relaxation massage packages to keep them coming back.

We will help you design a custom massage and sauna spa to suit the incredible standards of your hotel. We will not stop there, we would also provide a trained therapist to run the spa for your hotel. With many design options to choose from, you are bound to be getting an additional sure source of revenue for your establishment.

We offer recreational massage ranging from Swedish massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, steam therapy, sauna etc.

What sets physiooncall from other health and wellness organizations is our experts. Apart from having a staff strength comprises of mainly professional physiotherapists by the MRTB.

Our staffs have licensed also trained massage therapists for top spas in Lagos as well as design modern and trendy spas and gyms for hotels and top organizations across Nigeria.

Our methods are also exceptional, we employ the individual approach where each client is treated as a unique and each case is given special approach. We guarantee that you’ll be impressed just as we are.

Please contact us for any questions or details as necessary.

We can also render therapy/rehabilitation therapy to your clients any time you call.

We understand your need for timely and optimal delivery, that’s the only thing we are offering!


Private Hospital

Physiotherapy is essential in every hospital as needs for rehabilitation (musculoskeletal/orthopedic, pediatric, geriatric, o&g, neurology) as well as chest physiotherapy arise on a daily basis. We invite hospitals to call on us for their in-patients as well as out-patients.

Our rates are affordable and sure to help create a symbiotic relationship with your clinic. All we require is a schedule and a suitable space.


Sports Consultancy

Early return to activity is the key in sport rehabilitation. We are a renowned network of physiotherapists of different specialties that would not only work with you in the gym, but off it also to enable the fastest and most efficient route to recovery.

We know everything in sports, and we are always on time! One to one approach using the current and most effective techniques available to give the athlete the best and also help prevent further injury occurrence in the best ways possible.

From age group sports, sports festivals, and football clubs, Physiooncall has indeed amassed a world of experience in conditioning and rehabilitating the perfect athlete. What is sport without physical therapy? We have our specialized consultants who are well equipped to work with each athlete to get into the best shape for a quality performance. We are a company that prides over the quality of our experts, give us a call today and we are sure you’ll be impressed with them just as we are.

Some of our services include;

  • Sports Team Health Management – We are currently working with a number of club sides in the NPFL as well as different amateur leagues across the country. We provide your team with a resident medical team to help your players get in the best mental and physical shape at any time of the season. Our team gets to be very involved in training, competitive and non-competitive games (or as agreed with the client). Our team includes medical psychologists, nutritionists, sports physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons and exercise physiologists and trainers.

  • Specific Competition – We can also provide health management coverings for specific sports competition and sports festivals. We have worked closely with Nigerian universities, local governments as well as state governments to provide essential medical team management. The ambition of every team is to WIN and at Physiooncall, we exist to give your athletes the edge in every aspects of conditioning and optimum rehab.

  • Group Training – Apart from sports competitions, we also help organizations whose job involves being in top physical condition. Our impressive clientele list includes some of the best security corporations in Nigeria. Our seasoned trainers would put the trainees through regimens that include; martial arts, yoga, workplace, ergonomics, cardio + endurance trainings, pilates, HIIT as well as a programmed strengthening regimen.

  •  Students Fitness – Catch them young is the mantra. With recent research advocating for the introduction of a balanced fitness program to teenagers in their essential formative years, we have designed a program suited to help channel the youthful energy and exuberance into positive physical, emotional and mental energy. We also help prepare the kids for and manage them during their interhouse sports competitions.