How Olive Oil Cure Your Acne Scars

How Olive Oil Cure Your Acne Scars

Acne is the biggest enemy of boys and girls during puberty as they grow conscious of their looks.  No wonder a lot of skin products are fast selling out – as long as it can clear the skin even temporarily. In adolescence, increase androgens like testosterone, usually caused acne, which is mostly found in during puberty. Acne is also found over the oil glands and found in those persons who have allergy with dust or other chemicals.

How Olive Oil Cure acne

Olive Oil is not equal as the other oil, it has some extra quality that helps us for our skin problem, Olive Oil has the Vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K and contains Beta carotenes, which turns into Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A Stimulates genes that cause skin cells to mature and rise to the surface. This opens up the skin over pores.

Olive Oil has different properties which help in acne

  • Antioxidant (Olive Oil contains polyphenol which is a very powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant helps those persons who have oily skin, polyphenol keeping skin moist throughout, In moist skin acne heals faster)
  • Antibacterial (Extra virgin oil also contains antibacterial properties. , antibacterial properties in this oil prevent acne from becoming worse due to bacterial infections)
  • Anti-inflammatory (Olive oil has special anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to control inflammation around acne for prevents acne from becoming infectious)
  • Anti-fungal i.e. boosts the immune system (Immune systems helps to stop bacterial or allergy causes of acne)
  • Promotes healing i.e. skin scrubs ( helps in removing dead skin cells and improving blood circulation in the skin)


These special properties make olive oil fight against acne and reduces it’s effects on the skin.

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