Ever wondered about the magic of exercise? Ever wondered why you feeeeel soooo good after a nice session? EUREKA! You have found the solution to the problem right here on Physiooncall.net. We present to you the different factors that are responsible for exercise induced euphoria…

Endorphins are released in the brain whenever you engage in moderate to vigourous exercise. When endorphins lock to special receptors they block transmission of pain signals and also produce a euphoric feeling. They are released in response to pain and stress and help to alleviate anxiety and depression.
Ever heard of the euphoric runners high? It is as a result of endorphins after a VIGOROUS run. Similar to morphine endorphins act as a analgesic and sedative, diminishing our perception of pain.

Exercise leads to increased production of antibodies which are a special type of protein produced by the immune system. Increased antibodies help your body fight off viruses and keep you healthy in the long run.

If you ever go for a run after a stressful day, chances are you felt better afterward. The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong, usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood enhancement effect.
A study with over 190 students showed that not only does exercise give students more “pleasure – activated” feelings but they also felt less “unpleasant – deactivated” feelings. Students who did 15 minutes or more of vigourous exercise were in overall better moods than students that did not.

Self esteem plays an important role in your day to day feelings. Thats why something as simple as setting fitness goals for yourself and acheiving them can help you boost self-esteem. Ever wondered whya stallion / horse is so gracious and strong…?The answer is because they run. Maybe one of these days we will highlight why you have never seen a fat horse.

The brain releases dopamine,the reward chemical in response to any form of pleasure, be it exercise, sex, drugs, alcohol or food. Unfortunately some people become addicted to dapamine and dependent on the substance that produce it, like drug or alcohol (and more rarely, food and sex ). On the bright side exercise can help in addiction recovery. Vigorous exercise can also effectively distract drug or alcohol addicts making them de-priortize cravings (at – least in the short term.)

So get in that sweat pant and top, kick in some exercise and be happy….!!!