Chronic low back pain is a common problem and can affect your work, family and recreational activities. While there is no specific cure for low back pain, there are some steps you can take now to start managing the symptoms coming from your back.

Stop slouching. One of the most common causes of low back pain is poor sitting posture. The strain on the back while sitting in a slouched position can cause excessive pressure on the joints, muscles and discs, causing pain. Learn to sit with correct posture and maintain that posture at all times to help decrease or eliminate your low back pain. Also, be sure your work space is set up properly at home and at work.

Stop avoiding exercise. It may hurt to get started, but exercise is proven to be beneficial for most low back pain. It helps keep your core muscles strong, provides increased circulation to your joints and discs, and it gives you a sense of well-being. Plus, being a couch potato can really put your low back in a poor posture.q

Stop searching for a miracle cure. We’ve all seen the advertisements that promise a miracle cure for low back pain. Hanging by your feet on an inversion table, rubbing healing balms on your back or spending money on fancy computerised traction devices all sound effective, but the evidence indicates that many of these miracle cures are not beneficial.

Also,remember/note that low back pain is not pile (jedi jedi) neither is it primarily due to the sugar in your system. It is either a non mechanical or mechanical dysfunction that requires adequate medical attention. Do not spoil your liver by ingesting too many drugs and cconcoctions.

Stop focusing on a specific diagnosis. Up to 85 per cent of low back pain can be classified as “non-specific.” This means that the origin of your pain cannot be localised to one specific structure or problem. While common diagnostic tests for low back pain can show the bones, discs and joints with great detail, no test can tell the exact cause of your pain with 100 per cent accuracy.

Stop lifting heavy things. One of the top causes of low back pain is frequent heavy lifting. If your job requires that you lift heavy items, ask your employer if special equipment (or an extra set of hands) is available to help ease the load on your lower back.

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