1. Squats :-It is the best strength exercise for your thigh ,buttocks,or lower back ,you can do squats with put some weight in your hand ,Major muscles which are work in this exercise are quadriceps muscles ( vastus intermedius,  vastus medialis,  vastus lateralis, and rectus femoris), Hamstring muscles (semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris) , Buttocks muscles (gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle , gluteus minimus muscle), At lest 50 squats per day make your thigh or bum (buttocks) beautiful or in shape.There are different types of squats you can do but this all depends on your strength, you can do squats variation after the 10-15 days.


 How to do Squats:-

  • Make base for your squats ,plant your feet
  • Straight Your hand in front of your body for giving balance to you.
  • Tighten your hip and back or thigh muscles
  • Now Flex your knees and slowly down yourself ,hold for 5 sec and then back to neutrol positions


 2.Bridges:- Bridging is the part of Pilates exercises,very useful for your lower back and bum (buttocks),Muscles which are used in bridges are rectus abdominis,gluteus medius and minimus,transverse abdominis,erector spine ,the all muscles work together to stabilize your bridges positions ,you can make more harder this exercises by lifting your one leg which will make more pressure on your buttocks (gluteus muscles).

single-leg-bridge5 images

How to do Bridges :

  • Laying on your back with knees bend  with feet close.
  • Your feet should be under to your knee when you bend.
  • Lift your Hips and make a straight line from your knees to shoulder.
  • Let your hip or thigh remain this positions for 20-30 sec.
  • Repeats this position at lest 20 times.
  • The goal is to maintain this position for 20-30 sec to build strength for your lower back and hip muscles.
  • For more strength or make this exercise more harder,by using the physio ball ,hold you feet on physio ball and make bridges positions.


3.Side Plunk with leg circle:- This is the best workout for your hip muscles or lateral muscle of abdominal,your bum (buttocks) muscles work harder to remain your leg straight ,when you perform circle.or abdominal muscles works for your body balance.


How to do side plunk:-

  • Lie to your left side with your left arm on the floor and head resting on your right hand.
  • your knee and hip in extension so your torso from a slight angle.
  • Lift your right let 5 to 8 inch and make 10-12 forward or backward circle  from the hip.
  • do same for another side.


By doing this 3 exercises daily you can make your bum (hip) beautiful or in shape ,do this exercises twice a day and continue for 2 month.drink 5 liter water in a day or drink some water before exercise to avoid cramps and muscles tear.