August 2014

Best Exercises For For Firm Butts ( buttocks)

1. Squats :-It is the best strength exercise for your thigh ,buttocks,or lower back ,you can do squats with put some weight in your hand ,Major muscles which are work in this exercise are quadriceps muscles ( vastus intermedius,  vastus medialis,  vastus lateralis, and rectus femoris), Hamstring muscles (semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris) , Buttocks muscles (gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle , gluteus minimus muscle), At lest 50 squats per day make your thigh or bum (buttocks) beautiful or in shape.There are different types of squats you can do but this all depends on your strength, you can do squats variation after the 10-15 days.


 How to do Squats:-

  • Make base for your squats ,plant your feet
  • Straight Your hand in front of your body for giving balance to you.
  • Tighten your hip and back or thigh muscles
  • Now Flex your knees and slowly down yourself ,hold for 5 sec and then back to neutrol positions


 2.Bridges:- Bridging is the part of Pilates exercises,very useful for your lower back and bum (buttocks),Muscles which are used in bridges are rectus abdominis,gluteus medius and minimus,transverse abdominis,erector spine ,the all muscles work together to stabilize your bridges positions ,you can make more harder this exercises by lifting your one leg which will make more pressure on your buttocks (gluteus muscles).

single-leg-bridge5 images

How to do Bridges :

  • Laying on your back with knees bend  with feet close.
  • Your feet should be under to your knee when you bend.
  • Lift your Hips and make a straight line from your knees to shoulder.
  • Let your hip or thigh remain this positions for 20-30 sec.
  • Repeats this position at lest 20 times.
  • The goal is to maintain this position for 20-30 sec to build strength for your lower back and hip muscles.
  • For more strength or make this exercise more harder,by using the physio ball ,hold you feet on physio ball and make bridges positions.


3.Side Plunk with leg circle:- This is the best workout for your hip muscles or lateral muscle of abdominal,your bum (buttocks) muscles work harder to remain your leg straight ,when you perform circle.or abdominal muscles works for your body balance.


How to do side plunk:-

  • Lie to your left side with your left arm on the floor and head resting on your right hand.
  • your knee and hip in extension so your torso from a slight angle.
  • Lift your right let 5 to 8 inch and make 10-12 forward or backward circle  from the hip.
  • do same for another side.


By doing this 3 exercises daily you can make your bum (hip) beautiful or in shape ,do this exercises twice a day and continue for 2 month.drink 5 liter water in a day or drink some water before exercise to avoid cramps and muscles tear.

Alcoholic Neuropathy And Its Physiotherapy Management

Alcoholic neuropathy  is a neurological manifestation seen in the deficiency of vitamin B12 ,it is also called as beriberi.It can affect your whole body organ mainly heart and peripheral nerves.

download (1)



In 1928,Dr. shattuck  found the relationship between Alcoholism and neurological manifestation ,due to deficiency of Vitamin B12.

Signs and Symptoms:-

  • Pain and Dyesthesia:- Sometime patient feel burning feet and extreme cold sensation in feet or leg,which is called as dyesthesia.patient feel pain and burning feet syndrome ,when the alcoholic neuropathy affect the peripheral nerve system.
  • Hyperpathia:- It is defined as a neuropathic disease in which the patient feel extreme sensation in body,due to increased sensitivity,Patient feels pain even in a normal or mild touch.
  • Tenderness or weakness :- Some patient may feel weakness of muscles ,Or due to weakness or muscle imbalance we found muscle contractures and deformity.Tenderness in calf muscles is also seen in some patients.
  • Reflexes :- Due to involvement of sensory and motor fibers ,we found absent or depressed reflexes in patients.
  • Respiratory complication.


Physiotherapy for Alcoholic Neuropathy:-

  • Chest physiotherapy:-In the initial stage of alcoholic neuropathy  we found some serious complication in respiratory tract.Physiotherapist can apply chest physiotherapy and other techniques like breathing exercise,postural drainage,external tracheal stimulation to maintain clear airways and to prevent respiratory complication.
  • Maintenance of Range of motion of all joint:- We can apply slow gradual stretching or passive exercises to patient in the case of muscle contractures and deformity.At lest 2 times a day we need to give stretching to patient to prevent muscle tightness or contractures.
  • Pain relief :- Patient with alcoholic neuropathy in the acute stage suffer from pain and paresthesia,To give patient relief from these condition we can use TENS ( Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

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  • Strengthening :- In the late stage of alcoholic neuropathy ,some time patient is not able to generate contraction of muscle then we can apply IG stimulation for muscle strength,when patient is able to do some little movement ( Grade 1),then we can replace with Faradic stimulation.Once the patient reaches grade 3 the we can start resisted exercise by pulleys,weight,spring or hydrotherapy.

Physiotherapy for alcoholic neuropathy

How Olive Oil Cure Your Acne Scars

Acne is the biggest enemy of boys and girls during puberty as they grow conscious of their looks.  No wonder a lot of skin products are fast selling out – as long as it can clear the skin even temporarily. In adolescence, increase androgens like testosterone, usually caused acne, which is mostly found in during puberty. Acne is also found over the oil glands and found in those persons who have allergy with dust or other chemicals.

How Olive Oil Cure acne

Olive Oil is not equal as the other oil, it has some extra quality that helps us for our skin problem, Olive Oil has the Vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K and contains Beta carotenes, which turns into Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A Stimulates genes that cause skin cells to mature and rise to the surface. This opens up the skin over pores.

Olive Oil has different properties which help in acne

  • Antioxidant (Olive Oil contains polyphenol which is a very powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant helps those persons who have oily skin, polyphenol keeping skin moist throughout, In moist skin acne heals faster)
  • Antibacterial (Extra virgin oil also contains antibacterial properties. , antibacterial properties in this oil prevent acne from becoming worse due to bacterial infections)
  • Anti-inflammatory (Olive oil has special anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to control inflammation around acne for prevents acne from becoming infectious)
  • Anti-fungal i.e. boosts the immune system (Immune systems helps to stop bacterial or allergy causes of acne)
  • Promotes healing i.e. skin scrubs ( helps in removing dead skin cells and improving blood circulation in the skin)


These special properties make olive oil fight against acne and reduces it’s effects on the skin.

How Cold Can Help You Free From Pain

Cryotherapy is a method in which we use ice or cold water to treat or reduce pain symptoms or also treat the inflammatory conditions .cryotherapy is also used in sports injury or also used in the method of prostate cancer and to treat abnormal skin cell.The physiological effect of cryotherapy is to decreased local temperature,decreases metabolism,decreased blood flow,decreased nerve conduction velocity,decreased lymphatic  venous drainage,and also used in the acute inflammation like bursitis, tenosynovitis, and tendinitis, in which heat may cause additional pain and swelling.



Indication are:

  • Acute and chronic pain
  • To reduce Odema or swelling
  • To treat tenderness area
  • In Ligament sprain or muscle strain
  • Inflammatory Conditions ( Bursitis, Tenosynovitis,Tendinitis)
  • Muscle spasm
  • Bed sores  & Pressure sores
  • Deep vein Thrombosis


Contra-indication are:

  • Open Wound
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac disease (CHD,Arthymia,Angina)
  • Skin infection.
  • Impaired sensation
  • Cold Urticaria

Different methods of Cryotherapy (Ice therapy)

  • Cold Packs:- In this method we can use towel or packect of ice and directly apply over the skin to reduce pain or spasm.
cold pack
  • Cold Whirlpool method:-In this method we use large tub filled with cold water ,then we palced the body part is to be treated.and give space to the patient to move his body part in water .
  • Ice Massage :- Dircetly apply ice over the spasm or tenderness area.helpful in acute injury or used before 48 hours
  • .
  • Ice Immersion :- In this method patient body part emergel in water tub,this method is mostly used in sports or rehabilitation.                                                                                                .

LADIES!!! Best 7 Body Transformation Exercise

Not getting proper result from your workout ? Searching for some astonishing ways to Transform your Body within a few months ? You are on the right track as being female you need to look perfect and confident for any opportunity and occasion which can transform your life, So for that I am providing you Best 7 Body Transformation Exercise which will not only makes your body look perfect but it will also build great Body Postures and Confidence in you.

Females whether they are house wives and are working in corporate offices, Every one wants a perfect appearance and grace in their body postures. Exercise is that simplest way which not only brings dazzling Appearance but it also builds a self confidence to be ready for the opportunities and to carry yourselves in the best way in front of others. Here are some exercises which will definitely transform your body in a short course of time.

List of Best 7 Body Transformation Workout :-

1. Jumping Rope :-
Jumping Rope is also known as Skipping. It is the easiest way of transforming your body. This exercise burns enough calories per minute as compare to other workouts. All you need to require a rope to jump and right intension. Jump as much as you can and burns as much as calories per minute. The best thing about this workout is that it can be done with your children’s also. But every exercise need a particular environment that is mentioned below :

Jumping Rope Exercise



  • Fresh and Airy Environment
  • Warm Up
  • Rope long enough as per your height

Do as much as you can. In the staring, just do counting by jumping 20 to 25 times. Increase the numbers of jumps in every session of Jumping Rope. Take 5 minutes of nap for relaxing the body. After a week you will definitely feel change some change body structure.

2. Squats :-
The squats are the full body exercise that must be involved in the Body Transformation Workout by females. Squats is the exercise meant for all your body parts. Squats are meant for quads, your glutes, hamstrings and for the lower back. Squats are the exercise which completely transforms your body. Stand keeping proper distance between the legs. Bend your butt down in 90 degrees and move your hands straights. after you do it for 5 minutes, return back to the original.

Squats Exercise
  • you have to put all the weights on your heels rather on your toes.
  • If you have good height then your knees should not be extended to the length of toes.
  • Now move slowly in the earlier posture to complete the squats.

Squats can also be done with the Dumbles which is known as Weighted Squats. People do not try to do weighted squats untill you perform Body weight squats.

3. Pushups :-
Pushup is that exercise which is attempted by a few people. This exercise is a bit harder as it requires lot of physical strength. But If one is going to do pushup then it will surely transform her body.Nothing much is require to do push up. Steps to do Pushup is as follows :

Pushup Exercise
  • First lie on the floor
  • Keep your hands on the floor
  • Now lift your body up and your elbows in the 90 degrees
  • Now again lift your body down
  • Do it for 3,4 times at the initial level.

4. Lunges :-

Lunges Exrecise

To tone up the muscles of legs, female are usually suggested to do Lunges. This exercise shows you the perfect result as it isolates every leg individually. I suggest you do 3 sets of 10 lunges a day for best results. This is the best exercise to transform your lower body.

5. Swimming :-

Swimming Exercise

Swimming not only transform your body but it also reduces your depression. It is among the best exercise to transform your body in shorter period. Swimming strengthen your core as well as boost up you muscles. It also help reducing depression or sadness. It refreshes the mind and also the become relax.

6. Running :-

Running woman isolated

There are so many benefits of Running. It enhances heart health, improve digestion, reduce depression, burns mega calorie and also improves over all health. Running in the early morning hours is the most beneficial treatment for the heart patient.

7. Cycling :-

Cycling Exercise

A Cycling is the best among best workout which can be done on daily basis. Cycling is the best workout for the lower body. It improves or strengthen your legs, arms and back.It also helps in pure blood circulation and reduces hearts problems. It also decreased cholesterol in the body.

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